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I cannot recommend you spend $900 to order a Jibo unless you’re ready to spend big to be an early adopter of what Jibo Inc. hopes will grow into a social robot revolution. Right now, he’s just a seed of what the team hopes he will become, and I think it will take years to get there.

The application allows you to quickly and seamlessly convert articles into amazing videos. You just need to copy the material you intend to turn into a video and then paste it into the tool, and it will start churning amazing videos. Alternatively, you can supply a URL address of the site where the article locate

WP Video Robot is the ultimate WordPress solution for creating automated and standalone video websites. It is a complete and yet easy premium WordPress plugin with an automated schedule import system, that makes sure your site stays fresh and up to date with the latest and most popular videos.

The Braava has just three buttons: one for dry mopping, one for wet mopping, and one to turn the thing on and off. Wet- and dry-mopping modes each have their own distinct cleaning head. The dry cleaning head is designed to work with disposable Swiffer-style cloths (as well as the included dry microfiber cloth), while the wet cleaning head has a reservoir that you’ll need to keep filled with water.

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The combination of reinforcement learning and imitation learning has been shown effective in addressing the acquisition of skills that require fine tuning of the robot’s dynamics. Likewise, more interactive learning techniques have proven successful in allowing for collaborative improvement of the learnt policy by switching between human-guided and robot-initiated learning. But, there do not yet exist protocols to determine when it is best to switch between the various learning modes available. The answer may in fact be task-dependent.

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The amount wagered is controlled by the multitude of buttons at the bottom of the slot. The button on the far left alters the number of lines played at a time, this can be set at a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 30 + 243 ways. The second button changes the number of coins bet per line, this can be changed between 1 and 5.

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I tried going for youtube videos and compilations a while back trying to make it work manually without any programs… well let me say it was quite hard and time consuming. This tool can do what I did over 9 hours in basically just few minutes. It will find the articles, download them, do the editing and merging into one file, etc. all easily and fast.

You can use your own pictures in setting up your video article and at the same time if you don’t have any you could just pick from out of the so many stock pictures the software offers to match with the video that you are going to make.

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly seamless part of our everyday lives, present in everything from web searches to social media to home assistants like Alexa. But what do we do if this massively important technology is unintentionally, but fundamentally, biased? And what do we do if this massively important field includes almost no black researchers? Timnit Gebru is tackling these questions as part of Microsoft’s Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in AI group, which she joined last summer. She also cofounded the Black in AI event at the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference in 2017 and was on the steering committee for the first Fairness and Transparency conference in February. She spoke with MIT Technology Review about how bias gets into AI systems and how diversity can counteract it.

Generally, work in LfD-PbD assumes a fixed, given form for the robot’s control policy, and learns appropriate parameters. To date, there are several different forms of policies in common usage, and there is no clear correct (or dominant) technique. Furthermore, it is possible that a system could be provided with multiple possible representations of controllers and select which is most appropriate.

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Mixed reality startup Magic Leap appears to have plans for the retail segment, according to a recent update to its list of job postings, which now includes the role of Director of Store Design. The job description is pretty straightforward and confirms Magic Leap’s intention to retail or at least demonstrate its products in physical […]

Too few cells: The new chimeras are just 0.01 percent human by cell count. That’s better than the 0.001 percent of the human-pig embryos, but growing human organs will require the proportion to be nearer 1 percent.

I tried the robot out too and while I agree its not a scam, the software they’re using to trade on BTC-e is a bit counterintuitive. The robot sells when the price is low and buys when the price is high. When you query this with the developers, they simply mention that you should leave your robot to run and over time it will bring you profits. Not very comforting for my rational mind. And the “profit” they claim you’re making is really the USD of the BTC you bought, so when the price of BTC goes up, it appears… Read more »

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While most LfD – PbD work to date has focused on learning kinematic motions of end-effectors or other joints, more recent work has investigated extracting force-based signals from human demonstration (Calinon et al. 09; Kormushev et al 2011, Rozo et al 2011). Transmitting information about force is difficult for humans and for robots since force can be sensed only when performing the task ourselves. Current efforts therefore seek to decouple the teaching of kinematics and force, as in Figure 10, or develop methods by which one may “embody” the robot and, by so doing, allow human and robot to perceive simultaneously the forces applied when performing the task. This line of work is fueled by recent advances in the design of haptic devices and tactile sensing, and on the development of torque and variable impedance actuated systems to teach force-control tasks through human demonstration.

From the moment I first plugged in my Jibo, he (and I’m just going to refer to this robot as “he” from this point on) charmed me. There’s a friendly curiosity in the way he leans back and looks up you.

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  1. B) Kinesthetic teaching, where the robot is physically guided through the task by the humans. With this approach, no explicit physical correspondence is needed, as the user demonstrates the skill with the robot’s own body. It also provides a natural teaching interface to correct a skill reproduced by the robot as seen in Figure 1 and Figure 8. In the latter, skin technology is used to learn how touch contacts relate to the task at hand, raising issues of how to differentiate between touches that are part of the task, and those that are part of the teaching (Sauser et al. 2011).
    While the lofty goal of the landmark Paris climate agreement was to prevent global temperatures from rising 2 °C, it’s increasingly unlikely the world will pull that off (see “Global warming’s worst-case projections look increasingly likely”).
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    The International Federation of Robotics estimates that there are now 1.1 million working robots around the world. About 80 percent of all the work involved in manufacturing a car is now done by machines. In some industries, however, the volume is too low to make automation worthwhile, or the product line changes too rapidly in response to new demand or innovation. This includes small-scale manufacturing but also relatively advanced industries such as aerospace and cell-phone manufacturing.

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