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All the features, games and modes would be great with any toy robot, but the fact that MiP does them all while balancing on two wheels…that is pretty awesome.  MiP actually stands for Motion Inverted Pendulum, because, well – that is what he is.  We loved stacking things on MiP and seeing if we could make him topple over.  After a certain amount of weight, MiP will take a dive, but you can stack a good amount before MiP falls.

The Nokia 8 Sirocco has been leaking for a while now, and while we’re waiting to see if it will become a reality in the near future, a YouTube channel ‘Concept Creator’ has released a concept design of that handset. This is rumored to be a high-end handset, though the source did not share any […]

Why it matters: Think of all the unbroken glassware. Beyond saving time and money, AI2-THOR could teach AIs skills that are genuinely useful. Exploring the relatively complex, messy settings that humans inhabit could let AI learn more as we do, too.

As LfD – PbD necessarily deals both with humans and robots, it overlaps heavily with the field of Human Robot Interaction (HRI). In addition to the learning algorithms themselves, many human-centric issues are researched as part of LfD – PbD. Generally, the focus is on how to better elicit and utilize the demonstrations (see [Goodrich & Schultz 07, Fong et al 03, Breazeal & Scasselatti 02] for surveys).

The Home button returns the Roomba to its docking station and the Spot Mode button vacuums in a concentrated space (a roughly 3-foot circle) for those times when you want to target a particularly dirty area instead of the entire floor.

Rugged design, rich features, fast experience Blackview’s mantra is simple: provide a great looking, feeling and performing phone for significantly less than the big brand names. While many of its well known phones look similar to more expensive flagships, there are some truly original designs and concepts from the company in the form of their […]

What’s new:  The Washington Post reports that his tunneling startup, the Boring Company, has now received an “early, and vague, building permit” from Washington DC. The permit allows it to do some early excavation experimentation in a parking lot in the NoMa area of the city. (Similar tests are underway beneath SpaceX HQ in California.)

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In computer science, programming by demonstration (PbD) is an end-user development technique for teaching a computer or a robot new behaviors by demonstrating the task to transfer directly instead of programming it through machine commands.

After quite a bit of experimentation, I’ve settled on the “Big Altitude” (largest tilt range) tilt mode and “Tight Frame” zoom mode for most of my sessions. I find that these settings maintain a reasonable zoom on the model while also keeping it in-frame for a high percentage of the flight. I’m not looking to get unbroken footage from takeoff to landing. I’m happy if I walk away from a flight with a handful of clean clips that I can piece together. Coincidentally, that’s the same goal I have when I man the camera myself.

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I know eventually I’m going to have to do this, so this program sounds like just the thing to help me get started with making videos. I will for sure be looking into this further, thanks for sharing this.

Back at Vanguard Plastics, Baxter is viewed as just another tool. “There wasn’t any fear, like ‘Oh, I’m gonna be fired’—no, it has nothing to do with that,” says Budnick. He adds that the company plans to buy its own Baxter if the cost can be worked into the budget for the coming year (the robot will cost $22,000). The plan is to have the robot work alongside a person by feeding freshly molded plastic cups into a bagging machine. “The normal robot would populate the conveyor with stacks of 20 cups, and then Baxter would take the 20 and feed a bagger,” Budnick says. “Then all our operator would have to do is take the finished bag and pack them out.”

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The PbD paradigm is first attractive to the robotics industry due to the costs involved in the development and maintenance of robot programs. In this field, the operator often has implicit knowledge on the task to achieve (he/she knows how to do it), but does not have usually the programming skills (or the time) required to reconfigure the robot. Demonstrating how to achieve the task through examples thus allows to learn the skill without explicitly programming each detail.

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Stepping into the first floor waiting area is like entering a giant pachinko machine with flashing lights on the walls, floor and ceiling. It’s crazy bright and busy. Several of the big robots are on display to see and touch – not in that way, down boys. Please note, you are not allowed to touch the girls, that’s a very different sort of Shinjuku cabaret.

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