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To make the video all the more ominous, it ends with the Atlas opening the door on its own and walking outside to go, I don’t know, buy a Blu-ray copy of “Ex Machina” or hit the Google offices and download all of humanity’s emails or who knows what.

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The Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘N Tag Movi has an expressive face and an assortment of fun and engaging interactions especially programmed to get preschoolers actively moving, learning and building critical thinking skills through play.

Access: Shinjuku Station East Exit for Kabukicho. With Studio Alta in front of you, cross the street and walk straight ahead down any of the side streets to big Yasukuni Dori (boulevard). Cross it. Robot Restaurant is on Sakura Dori. It’s pedestrian only and has a neon arch over the street in English. There is a Family Mart convenience store on the left hand corner. The Robot Restaurant is about a block in, you can’t miss it. Really, you can’t.

The game follows a lone adventurer, who after being turned into a half-lizard by the Meka-Dragon, sets out to find a magical item with the power to remove the curse. To do that they have to explore a huge interconnected world, battle many fearsome dragons, and shapeshift into different half-animal forms with unique abilities.

In computer science, programming by demonstration (PbD) is an end-user development technique for teaching a computer or a robot new behaviors by demonstrating the task to transfer directly instead of programming it through machine commands.

My biggest gripe about the SS2 is the motor/gear noise generated by the base as it articulates. The faster it moves, the louder it gets. You can definitely hear it on the resulting video footage (as seen below). That’s probably of no consequence when shooting sports since the camera is likely too far away to capture any sounds of the action anyway. It’s actually not an issue for most of my RC filming since my electric models typically make little sound. There are, however, times when I want the video to capture the “whoosh” of the model as it races by or the output of an engine sound emulator. I am considering setting up a remote microphone in those situations to avoid mixing the sounds I want with the sounds of the base unit.

Operating Systems Windows 2000 Advanced Server/Professional/SP 1/SP 2/SP 3/SP 4/Server, Windows 95/98/Me/NT/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/NT 4 SP 5/NT 4 SP 3/NT 3/NT 4 SP 4/NT 4 SP 6/NT 4 SP 2/NT 4/NT 4 SP 1

An alternative is to watch the human perform the complete task and to automatically segment the task to extract the primitive actions (which may then become task-dependent), see e.g. (Kulic et al 2012). The main advantage is that both the primitive actions and the way they should be combined are learned in one pass. One issue that arises is that the number of primitive tasks is often unknown, and there could be multiple possible segmentations which must be considered (Grollman and Jenkins 2010).

For convenience, the Braava has a handle built into its rear edge, making it especially easy to carry. My only complaint is that the handle is located on the same side as the charging nodes, which you’ll lower down onto the vertical charging dock. Because of this, you can’t use the handle whenever you’re picking the thing up out of the dock. It’s a pretty minor quibble given how light the Braava is, but still, a top-mounted handle might have been a better choice.

You do not get a mobile app or remote control for programming and changing your settings with this vacuum, which can make it more difficult to control. You have to control it just using the buttons on the top. Also, its screen offers less information than some of the others, so it was not the most intuitive to use. One thing that makes it easier to use is its rubber bumpers on every side, which ensure that it does not leave scuff marks on furniture and floorboards.

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On rare occasion, sequels manage to outshine their predecessors. If that’s the case here, the previous Aztec Mummy films must have been absolutely abysmal. They say the best offense against an evil mummy is an evil robot built by a mad scientist. The only problem is that nobody actually says that, and now the heroes of The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy must stop the scientist from carrying out his fairly shortsighted plan that will only serve to provoke an evil monster. Serving as a cautionary tale about both artificial intelligence and cheesy movies, The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy may drive Joel and the bots to their own form of madness. Also featuring part one of the short Radar Men From the Moon.

Mixed reality startup Magic Leap appears to have plans for the retail segment, according to a recent update to its list of job postings, which now includes the role of Director of Store Design. The job description is pretty straightforward and confirms Magic Leap’s intention to retail or at least demonstrate its products in physical […]

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That would be a humble beginning for a robot as clever as Baxter. But like any other worker, it will start with jobs its coworkers don’t want to do. “I don’t know exactly where it’s going to go,” says Brooks. “But I know it’s going to be a revolution.”