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The worlds of artificial intelligence and the internet of things almost invariably overlap, and almost nowhere is this more obvious to the consumer than in the products of People Power, who has just unveiled its latest Pro Energy 2.0 platform. The new platform is an improvement over the firm’s existing product and is essentially designed […]

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During all this time, however, another company had been hard at work developing robots that would, in time, revolutionize the way people’s floors were cleaned. iRobot was formed in the year 1990 by a group of MIT graduates who had all worked in that institution’s Artificial Intelligence Lab.

While many other robot vacuums have strengths and weaknesses, the 770 does well with navigation, pickup, and ease of use—the three most important measurements of a robot vacuum. It does so not with fancy features, but by getting under and around furniture and beds. Included infrared Virtual Walls help contain it within a room, too.

Kulic, D.; Ott, C.; Lee, D.; Ishikawa, J. and Nakamura, Y. (2012). Incremental learning of full body motion primitives and their sequencing through human motion observation. The International Journal of Robotics Research. 31(3): 330-345. doi:10.1177/0278364911426178.

Without getting too deep into the configuration process, I’ll tell you that a key aspect is configuring the base to aim the camera precisely on a distant “centering object”. By the time I’ve completed that task, the tag is usually ready…or nearly so. The final steps involve calibrating the tag and linking it to the base. Now that I’ve gone through this process numerous times, I can complete all of the steps in about 10 minutes. I don’t have to repeat it for the rest of my outing, even if I use SS2 to film multiple aircraft throughout the day.

No, BTC Robot is not a scam, but I believe that it’s not as accurate as described on the BTC Robot sales page. Personally, I didn’t manage to make a profit out of it but I’ve used it for 2 weeks only. The good thing is that the 60 day back guarantee makes it a no brainer for someone who wants to try it out any way and decide for himself. If you would like to share your experience with BTC Robot just post your comment and rate this product below.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is an action-adventure platformer developed by Lizardcube and published by DotEmu. It is a HD remake of the 1989 title Wonder Boy III, and features a re-orchestrated soundtrack and new hand-drawn visuals (with a toggle to switch to the original sprite-based graphics, should the player prefer them).

Justin Bieber was on hand to unveil the Tosy mRobo dancing Robot. Things didn’t quite go as well as expected, but we have the entire event for you on video, which will be uploaded shortly, so stay tuned for the complete unveiling!

Some of these robots come fully assembled right out of the package. All you need to do is charge them up or add a fresh set of batteries and the play begins. Others require a much more intensive assembly process designed to give your child the feeling that they are the very engineers of mankind’s destruction–er–I mean, of their playtime. The engineers of their playtime.

By setting up one or more video sources, you can instruct the plugin to find video content that matches your requirements. The plugin then creates new video posts on your website, which display the video content. The plugin can be set to automatically publish this content on your blog, or simply save it as a draft ready for your approval.

Back at Vanguard Plastics, Baxter is viewed as just another tool. “There wasn’t any fear, like ‘Oh, I’m gonna be fired’—no, it has nothing to do with that,” says Budnick. He adds that the company plans to buy its own Baxter if the cost can be worked into the budget for the coming year (the robot will cost $22,000). The plan is to have the robot work alongside a person by feeding freshly molded plastic cups into a bagging machine. “The normal robot would populate the conveyor with stacks of 20 cups, and then Baxter would take the 20 and feed a bagger,” Budnick says. “Then all our operator would have to do is take the finished bag and pack them out.”

YouTube Robot help you download video from YouTube.com, Break.com, Putfile.com, Google.com, iflim.com, Vimeo.com and Angryalien.com convert it to various formats to watch it when you are on the road on mobile devices like mobile phone, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Pocket PC, PSP, WII, DS or Zune. Support batch and schedule mode. You may as well schedule the download and conversion tasks to be executed automatically, even when you are not around.

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A new solution called “Molly” wants to gather information from various social media platforms and aggregate it under a unified profile meant to power a personalized bot capable of answering questions about someone. Founded by Chris Messina who created the now-ubiquitous hashtag symbol that groups posts on Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, Molly aims to […]

A strip all the way across would have added some stability. Right now, it behaves like the Neato has a single, centre wheel. If you press down on either side of the Neato, there appears to be some minimal “dip”. If you look very carefully at the path travelled by the Neato, there is a small wobble in the path. The motors in each wheel, together with the navigation system, effectively correct for this wobble. It would have probably been better had I exactly positioned the discs in the centre of the unit (exactly equidistant from those small front wheels).

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The Gap vs. JuggerBot 3.0 – high lifter against rambot, maneuverability against speed, spatula against flapjack? You’ll need pencil and paper to keep track of the weapon hits, hazard damage, inversion recoveries, and strategy changes in this marathon battle!

As mentioned, there are a number of free and premium add-ons and bundles available to purchase separately from their site. These add-ons run from $14.90 for a single add-on up to $230 for the starter bundle.

Nehaniv, C.L. (2007), Nine Billion Correspondence Problems. In C. L. Nehaniv & K. Dautenhahn (Eds.), Imitation and Social Learning in Robots, Humans and Animals: Behavioural, Social and Communicative Dimensions, Cambridge University Press, 2007.

One other way to ensure that the videos get the desired level of exposure is to make them more engaging- meaning they have to possess the right sought-after information and provide surfers who click to watch a high-quality experience.

“Traffic that you generate by creating a video is like planting a tree. Once you put it up it just keeps on giving and giving for years to come. It is not uncommon to see hundreds and thousand of daily hits from a video that you uploaded a year back.”

The 980 has the same basic design as its Roomba predecessors. It’s round, with two main rotating brushes and one spinning side brush, as well as a removable dust bin and a large Clean button in the center for starting and stopping cycles with ease. Look closer, though, and you’ll start to notice some differences.

In the event of application of rule R14, the referee places one of the removed samples in the white triangle, in the southeast, as a permanent/untouchable interruption penalty. You can get up to 6 such penalties.

I’ve used the Article Video Robot before it was 2.0.  At the time I was busy so I only had a chance to create two videos.  It was a joy to use the program which I didn’t have to download to my computer.  I just logged onto the site and right away began creating a video from articles I had written about my books.

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Strike Terror vs. Chevy Van Door – you’ve never seen a weapon like the one mounted on super-heavyweight ‘Strike Terror’. Wild weapon gyrations and an unearthly whine when the weapon winds up left us fearing for our lives! Spot the teams in the background hiding behind trees.

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Tech giant Google is not one to shy away from revolutionary new uses of artificial intelligence, and the newest out of the company’s wheelhouse is an AI program that’s able to predict a patient’s risk of heart disease by looking for signs of a number of key risk factors in their eyes. This is a […]

Elon Musk once warned that Skynet could only be a few years off, and Google is looking increasingly like Skynet. But in the meantime…cool robot, guys! Maybe you could at least give it a hug after the next time you shove it to the ground?