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Robot Learning from Demonstration (LfD) or Robot Programming by Demonstration (PbD) (also known as Imitation Learning and Apprenticeship Learning) is a paradigm for enabling robots to autonomously perform new tasks. Rather than requiring users to analytically decompose and manually program a desired behavior, work in LfD – PbD takes the view that an appropriate robot controller can be derived from observations of a human’s own performance thereof. The aim is for robot capabilities to be more easily extended and adapted to novel situations, even by users without programming ability.

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Elon Musk once warned that Skynet could only be a few years off, and Google is looking increasingly like Skynet. But in the meantime…cool robot, guys! Maybe you could at least give it a hug after the next time you shove it to the ground?

Hey Rick thanks for the detailed feedback. Are you referring to BTC-E or BTC Robot ? Since BTC-E is the exchange and not the actual product. BTC Robot is the product which is, like you said, sold through Clickbetter. If it eases your mind a bit I can tell you that you’ll probably get your refund, it will just take a little time like they said. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

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Make sure to keep the area around your robot mops charging dock free of obstacles. Most units will automatically return to their charging base when their batteries run low, and you have to make it easy for them to do as such. Also, the more you can move furniture out of a room during a cleaning cycle, the better the cleaning job the robot mop can do.

In laboratory suction tests this vacuum robot was very impressive. It struggled on pet hair, on both carpeting and vinyl flooring, but for other test messes like kitty litter and Cheerios it was always among the best.

Samsung is currently offering a pair of the Gear IconX earbuds for free to customers who buy the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S8 Active, or the Galaxy Note 8. Interested consumers may purchase either the unlocked version or the carrier variants of the four smartphones from the South Korean smartphone manufacturer’s website or […]

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The idea for Baxter came about, Brooks says, while iRobot was searching for a suitable manufacturing partner for its one of its products. He remembers marveling at the fact that so much electronics manufacturing was still done by hand and how much of this kind of manufacturing had moved to low-wage economies in Asia. “I thought, ‘Are we going to be doing this in 500 years—still chasing cheap labor? There’s got to be a different way,’” he says.

There are numerous configuration options to tailor how the SS2 behaves. Of particular use are the tilt options. The idea is that the base can track more precisely when less tilt motion is required. By scaling back the allowable tilt, you can get tighter framing of the subject. Unfortunately, filming RC models requires plenty of tilt, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of that feature, although I tried.

Surprisingly, the team seemed to understood what I was going through. Cynthia Breazeal, Jibo’s founder and chief scientist, and a professor at MIT, has spent nearly two decades professionally dreaming of a world where friendly droids are real. With Jibo, she has finally shipped a social robot, but she is under no illusion that he’s there yet.

Runner3 is the latest entry in the BIT.TRIP rhythm platformer series from Choice Provisions (previously Gaijin Games). The game continues the adventures of protagonist CommanderVideo while expanding on the familiar gameplay. New features include branching paths that lead to different areas and new playable characters, vehicle sequences, an item shop, as well as additional Hero Quests and Retro Challenges.

Figure 1: The teacher performs several demonstrations of the same task, changing the location of each item in between to allow the robot to generalize correctly. From observing these changes the robot can infer that the relative positions of the objects matter, but that their absolute positions do not.

iRobot swapped out the 880’s glossy black and silver finish for something that sits at the intersection of black and brown (and maybe a little gray, too). It looks nice, but I’m not sure I prefer it. The brand also uncluttered its display by reducing the 980’s interface to just three buttons — Clean, Home and Spot Mode.

This is a great NetEnt title, giving the player the option to play both 30 lines AND 243 ways payout systems. That means that at a max-line minimum $0.60 bet, your winning combinations may be counted twice (both by pay-line and 243 ways). If you strike the free spins, you’re in for a treat – the wilds are expanding as well as sticky for the next spin. With large payout symbols at the top of the table, this slot is a high-volatility standout.

Tech giant Google is not one to shy away from revolutionary new uses of artificial intelligence, and the newest out of the company’s wheelhouse is an AI program that’s able to predict a patient’s risk of heart disease by looking for signs of a number of key risk factors in their eyes. This is a […]

The Elegoo Mega 2560 project package offers everything you need to start building and coding with Arduino – at a remarkably painless price point. Backed by a reputation for superior technical support and customer service, it’s the ultimate swag for amateur roboticists.

Ozobot Evo, a pocket-sized playmate that performs tricks programmed in the OzoBlockly language via smartphone app integration, also uses optical sensors to follow color-coded “commands” placed or drawn on the surface it roams, including Follow, Music and Escape.

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On the planet of Quintenix, where the situation has long been peaceful, a group calling themselves “The Hackers”, headed by Blackmore, suddenly starts an uprising against the population by disrupting the peace of the town of Rococo (and elsewhere). The main character (who appears to be nameless) is the son of a famous inventor, Dr. Akihabara, who decides to move to Rococo. The main character soon sets off to find out that The Hackers want Dr. Akihabara for a sinister purpose, as Akihabara refuses an offer to join them. The story unfolds to the point where The Hackers’ ultimate goal is the Tetron, a mysterious stone that allows viewers to observe events past and future and travel through time.

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As before, up to four players can battle together via local or online co-op. The upcoming game also supports cross-play and cross-save with the older PS3 and PS Vita versions, which should come as welcome news to existing owners of Dragon’s Crown.

The highlight of the show is the appearance — finally — of the big, broad and busty Fem Bots. Each robot consist of an upper torso and legs mounted on — pardon the pun – a metal, motor-driven chassis and dressed in classic kitschy video-game, warrior-princess style. The brightly colored, neon-enhanced robots require one or two girl operators who sing along to the song and dance routine as the robots glide around the dance floor. The robots move their arms, head, fingers, mouth and legs.

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Jibo made headlines back in 2014, raising more than $3 million from excited backers on Indiegogo. Developed by a MIT professor named Cynthia Breazeal, it was pitched as the “world’s first social robot.”

Robot Learning from Demonstration started in the 1980s. Then, and still to a large extent now, robots had to be tediously hand programmed for every task they performed. LfD – PbD seeks to minimize, or even eliminate, this difficult step by letting users train their robot to fit their needs. The expectation is that the methods of being user-friendly, will allow robots to be utilized to a greater extent in day-to-day interactions with non-specialist humans. Furthermore, by utilizing expert knowledge from the user, in the form of demonstrations, the actual learning should be fast compared to current trial-and-error learning, particularly in high dimensional spaces (henceforth addressing part of the well-known curse of dimensionality).